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I paint the landscape. I try to capture the glint of the sun on water, dappled light on a road, long shadows of trees in the afternoon, fields of tall grasses, and variations of colors in the mountains. I'm fascinated by how organic shapes relate to one another and can become abstracted into something that stays true to a landscape yet intrigues the viewer.      

I was always drawn to art and design but studied other things in college and spent over twenty years in the consulting industry. During that time, I met and married my husband, had three children, and traveled around the country and the world as a military spouse. Several years ago I was diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. The diagnosis forced me to reassess my life and return to my true passion: creating art. To date, painting has sustained me. I am cancer free and grateful for the opportunity to return to the studio everyday to paint places where I have an emotional connection.

I currently live in Arlington, Virginia with my family and a community of supportive artists and friends.

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